Realnexus is a real estate start-up who’s mission is to be a one stop shop for investors and brokers to find any and all available information on a given property, taking the hours of research out of it. They wanted a colorful logo design that not only reflected this concept but could also be seamlessly changed into an icon for their future mobile app.

Before the designing process could begin, I spent a lot of time researching the word “nexus” and how that could be visually represented. Nexus is defined as a means of connections, the core or center. Essentially, the company would be at the core or center of all of the different types of information giving the user a complete picture of the property they are interested in. Once defined, I was able to quickly come up with a direction for their logo.

  • Project Type: Logo Design, Branding
  • Skills Needed: Adobe Illustrator
  • Client: Realnexus