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Storytelling through fine art

“It’s About Time” tells the story of rich innovation that took place in San Carlos, California. Through a series of CNC carved limestone panels, the timeline details where we were and where we are headed. The art piece highlights several technological advances made over the years that still heavily influence us today moving towards scientific discoveries that will advance human health in the future.

The client wanted an art piece that would tell the story of rich innovation that took place within the area. It needed to highlight where we came from (technological advancements) and where we are headed (scientific advancement). Since I had an entire hallway to work with, I wanted to design something interactive that viewer’s could spend a fair amount of time looking at. I collaborated with artist, Randy Colosky, to design a detailed timeline with many layers and depths that tells the story of innovation in San Carlos. Along the bottom, we included the number timeline carved into steel panels and accompanied it with a plaque that describes what the viewer is seeing. 

"It's About Time" CNC carved art piece
"It's About Time" hallway view