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 Marketing for Innovation

A cutting-edge cross-channel marketing bundle aimed at captivating the globe’s finest talents and enticing them to embrace the allure of one of San Francisco’s most vibrant neighborhoods.

Crafted to captivate the most brilliant minds worldwide, this marketing package exudes the neighborhood’s potential in nurturing creativity, collaboration, and innovation, while authentically showcasing San Francisco’s cultural richness and vibrant social scene. Leading a team of videographers and graphic designers, I spearheaded the creation of a persuasive cross-channel marketing package exclusively designed for a select group of brokers to promote this forthcoming offer. With social media platforms out of the equation, we strategically collaborated with alternative outlets to extend our outreach as extensively as possible. The comprehensive package comprises a captivating showcase video featuring enticing project renderings, a responsive informational website, an exquisite printed brochure, and opportunities for custom large-scale signage.

A New Lab/Office Building in Mission Bay
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